Eye-catching Chronocam grabs $15 million Series B

October 27, 2016 // By Peter Clarke
Chronocam AS (Paris, France) is a startup company that develops vision sensors and systems for machine vision based on an asynchronous pixel sensor technology, has obtained $15 million in Series B funding.

The round was led by Intel Capital with iBionext, Robolution Capital, CEA Investissement, Renault, and Robert Bosch Venture Capital contributing to the funding.

Chronocam said it would use the money to employ additional staff, accelerate product development and expand in the United States and Asia.

Chronocam's approach takes a neuromorphic approach to image sensor design and image processing and thereby can optimize for dynamic range and power efficiency in a wide range of applications that do not require "human" image resolution.

"Conventional computer vision approaches are not well-suited to the requirements of a new generation of vision-enabled systems," said Luca Verre, CEO and co-founder of Chronocam. "For example, autonomous vehicles require faster sensing systems which can operate in a wider variety of ambient conditions. In the IoT segment, power budgets, bandwidth requirements and integration within sensor networks make today’s vision technologies impractical and ineffective."

Such high-speed, low-power vision systems could be useful in drones but also in automotive applications.

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