Face recognition module integrates ten key image sensing functions

September 28, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Omron Electronic Components Europe has released an updated version of its face recognition module with a ten-fold increase in maximum recognition speed.

The Omron HVC-P2 B5T offers ten key image sensing functions: detection of a human face, hand or body, face recognition, gender detection, age estimation, mood estimation, facial pose estimation, gaze estimation and blink estimation. In each case the module returns a value together with a degree of certainty, allowing the programmer to configure the response appropriately for each individual application. The HVC-P2 module can make readings over an increased distance. It comes in two parts as a 25x25mm camera board and a main 45x45mm board. A long range version is fitted with optics for an angle of view of 40°x50°, while the standard version comes with a wide angle 70°x90° field of view. The module comes with a choice of a UART or USB interface.

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