Faster haptic response enhances end-user experience

February 21, 2013 // By Paul Buckley
Fairchild Semiconductor has developed a haptic driver to help designers overcome the challenges posed by slow response times and large battery drains to enhance the end-user experience through excellent recognition and a user-friendly interface.

The FAH4830 haptic driver provides a touch sensation when a user interacts with a touch screen. The sensory interaction between the user and mobile device - such as tablets, PCs, medical devices, video games systems and smart phones - creates a more local effect and assures the user of a correct ‘point-of-touch’ on the screen.

Offering direct driving capability of eccentric rotating mass (ERM) motors and linear resonant actuators (LRA), the FAH4830 driver enables a vibrating sensation on point-of-contact. The typical driver wake-up time of the device is <30 µs which helps to reduce latency and provides a fast haptic response.

Availability and Pricing

Available in a 10L MLP, 3X3 X 0.8mm package, FAH4830 haptic driver is priced at $1.10 for 1,000 quantity pieces.

More information about the FAH4830 haptic driver at