Fiber-coupled LED light source spans the entire UV to NIR spectral range

June 29, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Designed for research labs requiring a widely tuneable light source, Fibertech Optica's high power fiber-coupled multi-wavelength LED light source is built on a modular LED platform configurable to the customer’s required spectral distribution.

Inside the enclosure.

Possible configurations span the entire UV to NIR spectral range using a selection of discrete narrow band emitters. The company's proprietary coupling method enables users to combine multiple LEDs in a fiber bundle to match the required output aperture size. The compact unit manages light distribution across a broad wavelength range with a tuneable spectrum. Options include an integrated light mixing module and USB remote control. The unit is fit for such diverse applications as solar simulation, UV curing, biomedical or spectroscopy instrumentation, industrial machine vision, optogenetics or photometry.

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