FinFET startup seeks partners for collaboration

July 14, 2016 //By Peter Clarke
FinScale Inc. (Dublin, Calif.), a startup that claims it knows how to build superior FinFETs optimized for quantum effects, has formed an industrial and academic partner program to accelerate development and adoption of its technology.

The company said it wants to promote the rapid development of its technology on a broad front though partnerships with independent research fabrication facilities and academia. However, it did not mention any partners that may have been signed so far.

Describing its technology as Vertical Super-Thin Body (VSTB) non-planar 3D electron devices, which sounds like a FinFET by another name, the company claims the technology offers scaling benefits down to 10nm and 7nm that benefit 75 percent of semiconductor market applications.

These benefits extend from high performance down to near-threshold voltage logic, SRAM, DRAM, flash, BiCMOS, analog/mixed-signal, image sensors, and electrostatic discharge protection.

FinScale was founded in 2014 by Jeff Wolf, a former general manager at Innovative Silicon Inc. (Lausanne, Switzerland).

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