flex+ Project delivers pool of ideas for healthcare

February 14, 2017 // By Julien Happich
The goal of the two-year flex+ Project was to develop a comprehensive approach for the successful development and manufacturing of flexible electronics.

Project partners Fraunhofer FEP, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP, Organic Electronics Saxony OES, and Mareike Gast & Kathi Stertzig Industrial Design opted for an “Open Innovation” organizational structure, sharing their progress along the project as well as physically sharing lab space, technologies and infrastructure in an Open Tech Lab.

The project members encouraged idea generators, companies, technology suppliers, and other players for tech transfer to jointly work on problems and projects in the area of flexible organic electronics.

This Open Innovation approach allowed a rationalization of R & D costs while guaranteeing access to technology suppliers and infrastructure.

Under the flex+ project, a competition for ideas in the fields of medicine and health care was organized. The “flex-MED” challenge allowed innovative thinkers, experts and laypeople alike, individuals and companies to submit their ideas and sketches by July 2016 as answers to the question: “Healthier thanks to flexible electronics – how can this technology revolutionize health care?”

A total of over 70 ideas were received on the topic, now available in the form of an idea book. The best three suggestions were debuted by Fraunhofer FEP during the 4th Industry Partners Days in September and other specific projects will continue to be developed from all of the ideas submitted.

To this end, scenario workshops were conducted by the flex+ consortium in Dresden and Munich in order to jointly develop futuristic scenarios that were as concrete as possible and involved idea generators, interested parties, and companies from the field of medical engineering.

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