Flexible 4-A charger ICs offer universal input, ultra-fast charging in smartphones and tablets

May 23, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
Summit Microelectronics has introduced the industry’s first monolithic 4 A Li-Ion battery charger integrated circuits (ICs).

The SMB349 and SMB359 are fully configurable and can deliver up to 4 A charging/system current while accepting a wide +3.6 to +16 V input voltage range. The SMB349 incorporates CurrentPath technology with dual system/battery outputs (for instant-on with discharged or missing battery), while the SMB359 provides a single output.

Both products include Summit’s FlexCharge automatic power source detection and patented FlexCharge+ automatic input voltage detection technologies to support universal USB/AC battery charging and comply with industry standard like USB2.0/3.0/BC1.2.  Also Summit’s patented TurboCharge high-efficiency switch-mode charger, TurboCharge+ automatic float voltage compensation and OptiCharge automatic input current limit technologies, combined with SafeCharge JEITA/IEEE1725 battery safety support, optimize the solution and provide the industry’s fastest, safest battery charging.
Like all of Summit’s battery charging solutions, these devices are highly integrated and highly flexible.  Digital I2C control and non-volatile configuration allow for host-based control while maintaining the simplicity of stand-alone operation.  Parameters and functions are easily reconfigured for various applications or system modes.  High integration keeps external components to a minimum while high-frequency operation and CSP packaging contribute to a tiny solution size.
The SMB349/359 are the ideal charging and system power solutions for virtually any portable application that utilize high-capacity batteries, require reliable and fast charging and feature very compact industrial designs.  Target portable devices include smartphones, tablets, ultrabooks, digital camcorders, portable media players, and portable game consoles/controllers.

The SMB349/359 incorporate the latest suite of Summit’s class-leading battery/system power management features, including industry standards as well as proprietary and patented ones.  In addition to the general flexibility provided by the digital I2C interface and non-volatile configuration, these new products provide several features to make the battery charging solution more flexible.

Flexcharge supports industry-standard USB2.0/3.0/BC1.2 specifications and automatically adapts to virtually any +5 V (nominal) USB host/hub or AC/DC power input while it presets input current limit to 100/150/500/900 mA.  Additionally proprietary patented FlexCharge+ adapts to a wide range of