Fluorescence sensor collects image data across the 670-780nm range

January 24, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Headwall's Hyperspec Chlorophyll Fluorescence sensor collects image data across the chlorophyll fluorescence emission spectrum from 670 to 780nm.

This allows both the important ‘Oxygen-A’ and ‘Oxygen-B’ bands (O2-A and O2-B) to be exploited for more accurate insight into photosynthetic processes. The sensor uses an all-reflective approach and Headwall’s own precise diffraction gratings, mean­ing high signal-to-noise performance vital to capturing scientific-grade data across this critical spectral range.
The new sensor is small and light enough for use aboard many of today’s commercially available UAVs, and it can also be used aboard aircraft and satellites. The 300x200x200mm sensor weighs about 6kg.

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