Fog removal software now onboard Tensilica vision DSPs

May 17, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Uurmi's fog removal software, aimed at the automotive and camera markets, is now available on the Cadence Tensilica Vision digital signal processor (DSP).

By porting its fog removal software to the Tensilica Vision DSP, Uurmi claims it has achieved up to 5X higher performance, with 15X less power consumption when running its algorithms, eliminating fog present in a photo or video feed and applying correction to improve the image quality.

The fog removal software uses a spatial diffusion filtering-based approach with local contrast enhancement to remove fog during the image post-processing stage. It also offers fog correction for images captured from un-calibrated camera systems. Uurmi's software provides fog correction with scene sharpness preservation and is capable of fog/non-fog region separation.

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