FPGA prototyping high-speed modules host Virtex UltraScale ICs

October 25, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Pro Design (Munich, Germany) has added five high-speed FPGA modules in its proFPGA product family of FPGA based prototyping solutions.

The proFPGA product series comprises modular, flexible and scalable systems based on latest Xilinx Virtex UltraScale technology. It addresses engineers who need a most efficient and high performance FPGA based prototyping solution for ASIC and IP prototyping, real time system integration and pre-silicon software development to reduce the time to market.

To the existing product portfolio Pro Design has added with the proFPGA XCVU080, XCVU095, XCVU125, XCVU160 and XCV190 five FPGA modules, which vary widely in capacity, number and performance of high speed serial transceivers and price. The are optimized and trimmed to ensure best signal integrity, employing high-end material to achieve highest system performance. The high-speed boards together with the specific high speed connectors allow a maximum point to point speed of up to 1 Gbps single-ended over the standard FPGA IOs and up to 16.375 Gbps over the high-speed transceiver Ios.

The FPGA modules can be assembled on the proFPGA motherboards and mixed with the existing proFPGA FPGA modules and are fully compatible with all proFPGA accessories such as interface boards and interconnection cables.

"Already 10 of the top 20 semiconductor are successfully using our products and working closely together with us. The continuous and rapidly development of new FPGA modules based on the latest FPGA technology combined with the modular system concept allows us to provide the customers always with latest technology fulfilling highest requirements at an early stage." said Gunnar Scholl, CEO at Pro Design.

The proFPGA XCVU080, XCVU095, XCVU125, XCVU160 and XCV190 FPGA modules offer 6 extension sites, 585 free accessible user IOs and an ASIC equivalent capacity from 5.3 up to 12.7 million gates. The highlight and distinguishing feature of these FPGA modules is the availability and performance of the 64 high speed transceivers (24 x GTY and 40 x GTH transceivers) which allow stable performance of up to of 16.375 Gb/sec data transfer rate allowing verification and test of high speed interfaces such