Free 3D CAD tool hits 200k user downloads

December 22, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Distributor RS Components has reported reaching the milestone of 200,000 user activations of its
free-for-download 3D solid modelling and design software 
DesignSpark Mechanical, with the pace of new downloads still accelerating.

Developed in conjunction with SpaceClaim, provider of flexible and affordable 3D modelling software for engineers, DesignSpark Mechanical is part of the RS DesignSpark initiative to provide engineers with resources that enable them to rapidly develop prototypes in the product concept design stage. Originally launched in late 2013 with a second version offering new functionality introduced the following year, the software is also available with extended professional engineering options, which turns it into a highly capable and very low cost 3D CAD solution.

“DesignSpark Mechanical is a powerful 3D solid modelling tool that has rapidly been accepted by professionals, students and the maker communities, who have found enormous utility in the tool, enabling them to quickly develop 3D prototypes and bring their concepts and products to market in a very fast time,” said Mike Brojak, Head of DesignSpark Customer Solutions at RS. “Meeting this milestone is another hallmark of success for our DesignSpark initiative, which empowers engineers and designers in the maker community and from the smallest start-up to large organisations.”

DesignSpark Mechanical is available for free download at