Free open smart home platform eases IoT setups

February 10, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Canonical, openHAB Foundation and Azul Systems joined forces to launch snap packaging openHAB 2.0, a free open smart home platform that acts as a control hub for home IoT setups. openHAB is easy to install, highly customisable and comes with great performance across a wide range of hardware from PCs to Raspberry Pis.

It can be used to control, automate and complement smart home setups. As an open platform, openHAB is not tied into one brand and supports many protocols and technologies, which lets consumers mix and match the IoT devices they want.

Being one of the most popular open source home automation solutions, it is an open and future-proof alternative to the likes of Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings and it makes advanced smart home setups available to a wider range of consumers.

Ubuntu snap is a secure universal Linux application format, and makes applications available as a simple one-click download and install from the Ubuntu Appstore LINK. The snap packaging of openHAB makes it simpler for home automation creators to build, test and distribute their smart home services.  

Azul’s Zulu Embedded Java Runtime is the best choice for Java applications such as openHAB on embedded devices. It is available for a wide range of hardware and provides optimal performance on home gateways, PCs or ARM-compatible devices. This also includes the recently launched Raspberry Pi powered Nextcloud Box (Link to other gateways).