Freescale and Nanjing University develop new Space Vector Modulation for direct torque control

August 15, 2012 //By Nick Flaherty
Freescale Semiconductor and the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) have jointly developed a space vector modulated - direct torque control (SVM-DTC) solution for industrial motor control.

SVM-DTC is an advanced adaptive motor control algorithm with a simple structure that features low noise and vibration. Because the SVM-DTC solution does not depend on rotor parameters, it is easy to adapt to a variety of motor types. The The implementation on Freescale’s 56F8xxx digital signal controller (DSC) series helps speed time to market for motor and compressor control applications.
The MC56F8xxx DSCs integrate high-speed analogue functions and efficient 32-bit digital signal processor cores and provide accurate digital control for power supplies (digital power conversion) and motors. The performance, precision, accuracy and control capability of the MC56F8xxx series help improve system stability for multiple types of applications.
"The SVM-DTC solution based on Freescale’s 56F8xxx DSCs is the result of another successful collaboration between Freescale and NUAA,” said Dr. Huang Wenxin, a professor at NUAA’s College of Automation. “Freescale is a leading supplier of DSCs with a great reputation for innovative motor control solutions, and I believe the introduction of this new solution will be very attractive to the motor control market.”
"The 56F8xxx series is an ideal choice to help improve the energy efficiency of several types of motors, and it reflects the market trend toward sensor-less control,” said Jason Zhang, Freescale’s general manager for Marketing and Business Development in Asia. “We are working with the NUAA to continue to develop more and better motor control solutions with our DSC products that meet the requirements of multiple motor types, including single, dual, AC induction (ACIM), brushless direct current (BLDC) and permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM)."
Freescale and the NUAA began working together in 2005 and some of their joint projects include 180-degree sine wave controlled BLDC motors, PMSM fans, freezers and air conditioning compressors, among others.