Full colour LED cluster packs 7 individually addressable dies

April 01, 2016 // By Julien Happich
LED Engin has announced a 7-color, high power LED cluster, the LZ7-04MU00 emitter, aimed at stage or architectural lighting with sophisticated effects over the full colour spectrum.

Its RGBW die are complemented by phosphor-converted (PC) amber, cyan and violet to provide richer, wide-ranging colour effects. PC amber delivers the same saturation as regular amber but with 5 times the flux at temperature, cyan fills the spectrum gap between blue and green, and violet enables black or crisp white lighting effects. With a 7x7mm footprint, the flat lens LZ7 emitter comprises 7 individually addressable dies assembled onto a 3.8mm light emitting surface and capped with a low profile glass lens. This ultra-thin construction means that mixing rods can be positioned as near as possible to the die to maximize coupling efficiency.
LED Engin's proprietary multi-layer, multi-channel substrate boasts a thermal resistance of only 1.4°C/W and dissipates up to 20W effectively. RGBW individual dies can therefore be driven, one at a time, to a maximum current of 1.5A. Alternatively, a single amber, cyan or violet die can be driven at up to 1A. In a third operating mode, all dies can be driven simultaneously at 850mA.
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