GNSS positioning module eval kits at Alpha Micro

October 04, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Alpha Micro Components is now stocking evaluation kits for the newest u-blox M8 series and u-blox 8 GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) positioning technology modules.

The kits allow easy evaluation of the modules’ performance, in both real-world and test conditions, and provide a base for application development. Each kit includes everything needed – hardware, software, drivers, documentation, and accessories – to quickly integrate these modules into a typical Windows-based testing and development environment. The u-blox M8 is designed for applications that require the best navigation performance and the highest accuracy.

The u-blox 8 provides a very similar feature set, but with more emphasis on power sensitive applications. Both series of modules support assisted GNSS (A-GNSS) for fast location fix and greater accuracy, via a connection to the u-blox AssistNow service. Each evaluation kit packages the module plus support electronics in a 105x64x26mm enclosure that provides easy access to standard inputs and outputs as well as internal pins. There are external reset and boot buttons, and a GNSS fix indicator LED. All kits include an active antenna, connected via a supplied 5 metre coaxial cable that screws into the external SMA RF connector. The EVK-8 kit’s antenna supports GPS and GLONAS, and the EVK-M8 kits’ antennas support BeiDou, GPS and GLONAS.
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