Harvester makes light work of powering IoT devices

April 09, 2015 // By Paul Buckley
ElectricFilm, LLC has launched a line of proprietary light harvesting technology solutions that optimizes the conversion of any light – from low indoor levels to full daylight – into reliable, sustainable power with better cost and system performance than alternative methods. 

The company’s solutions are capable of capturing extremely low levels of light and are not negatively impacted by shading, like other photovoltaic (PV) technologies.  Optimized to power a variety of wireless applications in the Internet of Things (IoT), ElectricFilm technology can be tailored to satisfy a wide range of power needs, environments, and product design requirements. The solution is suitable for smart building sensors – from thermostats to motion and smoke detectors to electronic locks – as well as motorized window shades and powered retail displays.

The ElectricFilm light harvesting technology claims to provide a cost-effective, maintenance-free solution to power smart devices, ElectricFilm is a proprietary PV technology which harvests light from any direct, reflected, diffused or shaded source (including sunlight, fluorescent, incandescent and LED light) and converts it into a smart, convenient power alternative to hardwiring or disposable batteries. ElectricFilm captures low to medium light levels (25 to 50,000 lux) with high efficiency, making it ideally suited for indoor environments.  The current is tuned with smart electronic controls to provide output for a wide variety of devices that need wireless power. The result is the ability to install devices anywhere with no wiring costs or maintenance calls, while reducing battery disposal.