Heat sinks optimised for 'brick' DC-DC converters

April 14, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Advanced Thermal Solutions' maxiFLOW heat sinks are dimensioned for cooling DC-DC power converters and power modules in industry-standard 'brick' sizes. The power brick heat sinks are available for full, half, quarter and one-eighth brick sizes.

With proper thermal management, brick DC-DC converters can be used at their maximum operating temperature for optimum performance on PCBs. The ATS maxiFLOW heat sinks reduce junction temperatures (Tj) by more than 20%. Their maxiFLOW spread fin heat sink design maximises cooling performance in low airflow environments. Their spread fin pattern reduces pressure drop on passing air and provides more surface area for heat spreading and convection cooling.

The ATS brick DC-DC heat sinks are provided with Philips-head screw sets in 5, 6, and 8 mm lengths. They are shipped pre-assembled with a high-performance thermal interface material (TIM).

ATS; Qats.com, also in distribution from Digi-Key and Arrow.