Hermetic 38999 connectors are QPL certified

January 16, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Souriau's range of hermetic 38999 connectors, Esterline Connection Technologies has successfully obtained QPL certification from the DLA (Defense Logistics Agency), a neutral agency of the US Department of Defense.

Intermateable and interchangeable with standard MIL-DTL-38999 connectors, these hermetic connectors can be mounted in four different ways (screw, jam nut, weld, and solder) according to the type of use. The qualified versions include 45 layouts and cover an abundance of configurations from 3 to 128 contacts with sizes ranging from 22 to 8 AWG. The units follow stringent quality control procedures and include helium leak testing to ensure leakage rates of less than 10 -7 atm.cm 3/s. 

The internal hermetic seal of the receptacle between contacts and shell is ensured by a glass insulator instead of plastic insulation. A sintered pad of the same size as the shell and corresponding to the contact layout is inserted and melted at 1000°C in a furnace. The heating and cooling cycles in the process are interspersed with stabilization periods. As a result, the compression of the shell against the glass and the glass against the contacts provide a full hermetic assembly when cooled down. 
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