High ball count BGA contactor supports pitches down to 0.4mm

June 06, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Multitest's Atlas contactor has been optimized for cost-efficient and reliable testing of high end digital high ball count BGAs.

Based on the well-established Multitest QuadTech flat probe technology, the Atlas contactor combines advanced mechanical and electrical probe technology for improved functionality and performance in manual test and automated test. The Atlas provides ultra-stable contact resistance over hundreds of thousands of device insertions. The Atlas can be configured for use without a floating alignment plate. The low per pin insertion force significantly reduces insertion strain on automated test handling systems while making the contactor easier to use in manual test. The controlled insertion forces are determined by the compression of a precision alloy stainless steel spring, engineered to offer predictable long-term performance over a broad temperature range: -50° to +150°C along with a typical life of 500K insertions. Atlas 040 insertion forces are controlled to just 25 grams per pin. Insertion loss measured at 18.5 GHz is -1dB while the return loss at 14.72 GHz is -20dB. The contactor has a test height of only 3.53 mm, it supports pitches down to 0.4mm for high-end devices in the 600 to 5,000 ball count range. 0.3mm pitch versions will be available soon.

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