High current/voltage solid-state MOSFET relays

July 15, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
High capacity MOSFET relays support AC and DC loads of up to 5A or 600V, for use in industrial and factory automation applications including machine tools, robots and inverters, as well as test and measurement equipment and security systems.

Omron’s G3VM MOSFET relays include the G3VM-61CR1/61FR1, capable of handling 5A AC or DC at 60V, increasing to 10A DC when a double current connection configuration for DC loads is used. High voltage devices, the G3VM-401CR/401FR and G3VM-601CR/601FR, have also been added, which support 0.4A at 400V and 0.6A at 600V AC or DC respectively. Again, the maximum DC current load can be doubled to 0.8A and 1.2A respectively using the appropriate connection configuration.

Devices offer a fast turn on and turn off time, considerably less than half that offered by alternatives. The relays turn off in 1.0 msec, compared to 3.0 msec for alternatives. Turn-on time is 5.0 msec for the G3VM-61CR1/FR1 and 1.0 msec for the G3VM-401CR/FR, compared to 10 msec for competitive parts. All three parts are offered in DIP8 through hole and in SMT versions suitable for reflow soldering. They are supplied as SPST-NO relays.

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