High-performance capacitive touchscreens to replace resistive solution for single-layer touchscreen sensors

May 16, 2011 // By Paul Buckley
Cypress Semiconductor Corp., has unveiled a new feature for its TrueTouch touchscreen controllers that enables manufacturers of handsets, cameras, GPS systems and other mobile systems to offer the benefits of capacitive touchscreens at resistive touchscreen costs.

The new feature available for Cypress's CY8CTST241 (single-touch with one-finger gestures) and CY8CTST242 (adds limited two-finger gestures such as “pinch” and “zoom”) delivers high performance touchscreen accuracy and responsiveness with a true single-layer sensor panel, reducing the cost of the most expensive component of the touchscreen.     

Increasingly, capacitive touchscreens are viewed as a differentiator by buyers of new mobile devices. Capacitive advantages over resistive touchscreens include a more intuitive user experience, better transmissivity, lower power, increased reliability and better durability. Many lower-priced “feature phones” do not offer capacitive touchscreens today because of the cost. The new TrueTouch single-layer sensor opens up new “feature phones” and lower-cost smartphones to capacitive touchscreens, especially in major markets such as China and India.     

Traditional capacitive touchscreens use a two-layer sensor to deliver the accuracy and linearity required for today's user experience. Cypress has developed proprietary algorithms that interface with a true single-layer sensor with no bridges to deliver two-layer performance for an unparalleled combination of user experience and cost sensitivity. The removal of this second sensor layer can save mobile device manufacturers 30 percent or more on sensor costs, and is available today for glass and film. Even with only one sensor layer, the TrueTouch solution claims to deliver accuracy better than 1.25 mm, excellent signal-to-noise ratios, fast response times (80 Hz), and best-in-class active power of 3.6 mW.

The CY8CTST241 and CY8CTST242 are available today for lead customers.      

More information about the TrueTouch solution is available at