High power density thin film modules provide precise temperature stabilization for optoelectronics and laser diodes

July 11, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
Laird Technologies has released the company’s eTEC Series Thermoelectric Module (TEM) product line which enables high powered optoelectronics to maintain peak performance by stabilizing the temperature of the device during operation.

The modules are assembled using thin film technology that enables the TEMs to have ten times the heat pumping density per unit area than conventional bulk thermoelectric technology. The ceramic substrates are gold metallized to allow the product to be embedded into densely packed optoelectronics.

The thin film eTEC TEMs have heat pumping densities ranging from 75 to 90 W/cm 2 at an ambient temperature of 25°C. The new models include the HV14,18,F0,0101,GG (1.4 W in 1 mm 2); HV37,48,F2,0202,GG (3.7 W in 6.9 mm 2); HV56,72,F2,0203,GG (4.8 W in 10.2 mm 2).  

Constructed with Bismuth Telluride thin film technology and thermally conductive Aluminum Nitride ceramics, the eTEC Series is designed for higher voltage and lower, sub 10 Watt heat pumping applications. Other features include RoHS compliance, pending Telcordia Compliance and gold metallization for solder ability to mating substrate surfaces.
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