Highest CV 0603 tantalum capacitor rated at 100 µF/6.3V

March 25, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
An extension of AVX’s F98 Series resin-moulded tantalum chip capacitors with high CV undertab terminations, for a range of mobile and wearable electronics, this 0603 cap delivers 2x more capacitance than alternative 0603 tantalum types.

 These capacitors, AVX says, provide miniature, low profile, and high CV solutions that reduce footprint, audio noise, and cost — and now have the smallest, highest CV 0603 tantalum capacitor rated at 100 μF/6.3V. The new F98 Series 0603 capacitor delivers twice the capacitance of other 0603 tantalum capacitors, and halves the footprint of the 0805 component that had previously been the industry’s smallest tantalum capacitor with equivalent ratings. Free from the DC capacitance/voltage dependency that MLCCs experience and featuring SMD facedown, undertab terminations, which enable high volumetric efficiency, low ESL, and high PCB assembly density, F98 Series capacitors are suited for use in the power line circuits of a wide range of mobile and wearable electronics, including: smart phones, wireless modules, hearing aids, fitness trackers, and smartwatches.

AVX’s F98 Series high CV, resin-moulded chip capacitors are currently available in three case sizes (0603, 0805, and 0402) with ultralow maximum profiles of 0.90 and 0.60 mm (0.80 mm ±0.10 mm and 0.55 ±0.05 mm), rated voltages spanning 4V to 25V, and capacitance values spanning 1.0 μF to 220 μF with a ±20% tolerance at 120 Hz. F98 Series capacitors are rated at 85°C and designed for use in operating temperatures spanning -55°C to +125°C.