Hot-swappable SMC connectors in a 1.27mm pitch

May 02, 2017 // By Julien Happich
ERNI Electronics has extended its SMC connector family in a 1.27mm pitch with hot-swappable variants. These connector versions feature late mate contacts to permit reliable system swapping during operation and/or with applied electric voltage in industrial applications or in cars.

With "hot swapping / hot plugging", the electronics are reliably protected by following a defined sequence of signal, ground, or power contacts when mating and unmating of the connector. Thus, when mating for example, it is ensured that a reliable ground connection is established first, before connecting the data lines (first mate - last break).
The SMC connector family now satisfies the hot-swap mating requirements with the addition of late mate contacts. Angled male connectors of the two-row connector can be mounted at any position with late mate contacts. This means that developers can enjoy maximum flexibility for individual contact layouts based on the first mate/last break principle.

Other features include a dual-beam female contact system for reliable and secure connection, even under difficult industrial conditions. The SMC connectors permit efficient and compact board-to-board and wire-to-board connections and are available as versions with 12 to 80 pins. Besides the angled SMT male connectors with late mate contacts, individual contact loading (full or partial) is also possible.

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