Hua Hong Lexvu claim world's smallest barometer

March 17, 2015 // By Peter Clarke
Foundry Hua Hong Semiconductor Ltd. has manufactured for Shanghai Lexvu Opto Microelectronics Technology Co. Ltd. what it claims is the world's smallest barometer.

The PS3606 is manufactured using MEMS technology on 200mm diameter wafers and comes in an 8-pin package measuring 1.1mm by 0.9mm by 0.45mm. This product is also the first single-chip CMOS-MEMS barometer made using wafer level packaging for the consumer electronics market, Hua Hong said.

This product is also the first single-chip CMOS-MEMS integrated barometer adopted Wafer Level Packaging for consumer electronics on the global market.

The PS3606 measures pressure over the range 30 to 110kPa with an absolute accuracy of +/-0.1kPa in the range 95 to 105kPa and over a temperature range from 0 to 40 degrees centigrade.

Anticipated applications include smartphones, unmanned aerial vehicles, air cleaners, and wearable devices. Samples are expected in April with volume production due in 2H15.

"MEMS sensors are increasingly penetrating into Internet of Vehicles (IoV), smart home, smart city and almost all the applications of Internet of Things (IoT), and China has become the most rapidly growing MEMS market in the world," said Fu Cheng, executive vice president of Hua Hong Semiconductor, in a statement.

"Currently, Hua Hong Semiconductor is actively blueprinting smart sensors and defines MEMS as one of the new strategic plans for company development. The launch of this product demonstrates that Hua Hong Semiconductor has gone a step further towards enhancing full compatibility of MEMS devices with standard CMOS process and production lines, as a result of which the company's MEMS process technology has been upgraded to a new level in terms of feature size and performance. We expect this will contribute to the application development in consumer electronics, wearable electronic devices and IoT market."

"Lexvu has been working on the MEMS area for many years, and owns CeMEMS, the original CMOS-MEMS single-chip sensor integration solution", said Mao Jianhong, general manager of Lexvu, in the same statement. "We have also owned complete independent intellectual property right with over 160 patents granted or under application, which ensure us with globally sustainable