Image-based automatic tag reader eases airport baggage handling

June 06, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Cognex' Airport Baggage Handling Identification Solution (ABH-ID) is claimed to be the first image-based automatic tag reader (ATR) system to overcome the limitations of current laser-based baggage ID systems.

The new technology is said to provide significantly higher read rates over laser-based systems, reducing the costs associated with manual delivery of lost or late checked luggage.
The Cognex ABH-ID Solution incorporates DataMan fixed-mount image-based barcode readers, with a solid-state design requiring virtually no maintenance as opposed to laser scanners with moving parts. The solution also features patent-pending Xpand technology that provides the flexibility to fit into space-constricted environments. Xpand technology offers improved redundancy and increased field of view, which simplifies installation and reduces overall system cost.
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