Imagination offers GPUs for mid-range markets

January 17, 2017 // By Peter Clarke
Processor IP licensor Imagination Technologies Group plc (Kings Langley, England) has announced a family of GPU cores that provide a balance of performance and fill-rate suitable for gaming and computation on what it calls "cost-sensitive" devices.

The Series8XE plus comprises three cores aimed at such equipment as premium set-top boxes, mid-range smartphones, and automotive infotainment systems. In addition Imagination is offering two IP cores to support different fill rates; one pixel per clock cycle and eight pixels per clock cycle.

Series8XE Plus GPUs have increased GFLOPS to provide a step up to mid-range devices targeting 1080p displays, with the ability to scale to 4K and beyond. Series8XE Plus GPU hardware works with graphics APIs but also advanced compute and vision APIs such as OpenVX 1.1 and OpenCL 1.2.

The three GPU cores are: the GE8320: 2x FLOPS for low- to mid-range mobile devices; the GE8325: 2x FLOPS incudes 10-bit YUV for set-top boxes and HDTV gaming applications; and the GE8340: 4x FLOPS for gaming on mid- to high-end mobile devices.

Imagination provides a software development kit that operates across the PowerVR range and physical design optimization kits (DOKs) for the PowerVR Series8XE Plus GPUs will also be available, offering customers the flexibility to optimize for power, performance and area (PPA).

Imagination DOKs are comprised of optimized reference design flows, tuned libraries from partners, characterization data and documentation.

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