Intelligent battery charger for automotive and industrial applications

October 31, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
As part of its offering for the industrial and automotive sectors, Powerbox has introduced the Smart DC/DC ENA200-Charger, designed as an advanced, intelligent embedded battery charger.

The ENA200-Charger fits into the same IP21 packaging as the isolated DC/DC converters ENA100 and ENA200. It includes a microcontroller to guarantee optimum charging and longer battery life-time. The unit includes pre-defined charging algorithms for standard Lead Acid, Absorbed Glass Matte (AGM), Gel Cell and Calcium, though application-defined profiles can be uploaded at the Powerbox configuration centre to meet specific application. The ENA200-Charger includes load temperature monitoring and intelligent spark control. The charger is available in two input voltages for 12V and 24V systems, delivering smart adjusted voltage for 12V batteries with up to 15A charging current and peak power up to 216W. For safety, the unit provides galvanic isolation of 500VDC (input/output/case).

Designers,Powerbox believes, often face challenges when developing systems requiring autonomous equipment powered by local batteries, in the selection of battery technology but also in the type of charger. They are concerned by the size of the battery charger, which nowadays is often integrated into a much smaller envelope.

The Powerbox ENA200-Charger has been designed to bring simplicity to integration. Built-in low profile IP21 polycarbonate housing, it measures 116 x 88 x 18 mm, making it one of the thinnest DC/DC chargers on the market. The integrated baseplate includes four mounting holes for mechanical attachment to a vehicle chassis or assembly plate. The low weight, less than 500 grams, contributes to excelling performance in vibration testing (5-50 Hz, acceleration ±7,35 m/s² ).