Intelligent displays to be programmable in Java

November 14, 2016 // By Julien Happich
The iLCD panels from demmel will soon implement a Java Virtual Machine, making unnecessary the use of an external controller. The application running on the display panel can perform control functions that have run externally before, which significantly simplifies the hardware design.

Java’s object oriented approach is particularly suitable for user interface applications and is much less error-prone than C. Moreover, features like multi-threading are already integrated in Java.

The iLCD Manager XE , available for download at no charge, will be extended to also accommodate the Java development environment. As with other IDEs, comfortable Java code editing with syntax highlighting is possible and included. The Java application can be generated with the integrated compiler, and subsequently uploaded directly onto the display via the USB interface.

Demmel will also integrate a debugger to enable remote debugging of the Java application directly on the display via USB, including common features like breakpoints and variable inspection. The Java Virtual Machine can be run on the existing iLCD hardware with a very small footprint.

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