Intelligent power switch delivers improved reliability and performance

November 10, 2011 // By Paul Buckley
Intelligent power switch company, Amantys Ltd, has declared that a new approach is needed to improve the efficiency and reliability of power switching. The Cambridge company says the new way forward demands tight control at the core of the system, right by the transistor; remote control and monitoring of the system from afar.

The new power architecture unveiled by Amantys integrates all of these elements into a single intelligent power switch which claims to deliver unparalleled system control that will prove critical in applications as diverse as renewable energy generation, data centre power supplies, and hybrid and electric vehicles.

Amantys has built an experienced team, combining skills in power engineering, high-speed digital and analog electronics alongside embedded software and mechanical engineering to develop an intelligent power switch.  The company was founded by Pete Magowan as Chairman, Bryn Parry and Mark Snook as CEO and Technical Director respectively, all experienced executives from ARM Limited.

In July 2011, Amantys secured a $7million Series A round investment, led by Moonray Investors, part of Fidelity International and ARM Holdings plc (ARM).
Amantys believes that current switching technology lacks the control critical for monitoring and improving switching performance. Intelligent power switching applies the full benefits of semiconductor device technologies to give the platform needed for reliable and efficient conversion. The Amantys product roadmap delivers the control and visibility vital to effective power conversion in medium and high voltage systems. The company sees applications such as HVDC, locomotive traction and industrial motors all benefiting from the early adoption of Amantys products.

In power transmission systems for example, regional and national grids are being connected across geographies and borders, and one of the challenges for HVDC is the reliability and robustness of the power connection. Amantys intelligent switch products are being developed to satisfy this need.

Ian Drew, EVP Strategy at ARM, said: “As we move into the Internet of Things, the ability to manage power more efficiently is going to become increasingly important. Amantys is helping to redefine the landscape of power electronics by deploying ARM processing at the heart of power conversion to provide intelligent switching.”

Amantys Ltd, is taking the first step on the road to intelligent power switching with the launch of the company’s first product