International Trade Commission votes to ban importation of iPhones, iPads

June 06, 2013 // By AM EDT
The U.S. International Trade Commission Tuesday (June 4) issued a ruling that would prevent Apple Inc. from importing its several models of its iPad media tablet and iPhone smartphone into the U.S.

The ruling, based on a complaint made by South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., finds that several iPad and iPhone models – including iPhone 4 – violate several claims of a patent held by Samsung. U.S. President Barack Obama has 60 days to overturn the ruling.

The ITC ruling, which largely backs an initial ruling made by one of its administrative law judges, also finds that Apple's products do not violate other patents asserted by Samsung.

Apple is likely to appeal the ruling. Apple and Samsung have been engaged in patent battles in many parts of the globe for the past two years. The legal wrangling has strained the relationship of the long-time partners.