Intrinsic-ID weaves PUF-based security into VxWorks OS

October 26, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Addressing, the company says, the needs of mission-critical and safety-critical VxWorks users, Intrinsic-ID (Sunnyvale, California) has collaborated with Wind River (Intel) to tightly-integrate its SRAM PUF (Physical Unclonable Function) into the VxWorks RTOS as a kernel library.

PUF technology uses random processing variations that exist on all fabricated SRAMs – at a level below that which affects normal functioning – to generate a unique signature for any individual memory on any chip. real-time operating system The solution adds critical key management services for protection and provisioning of cryptographic keys without the need for added secure elements or other dedicated hardware. The SRAM PUF technology, which has been validated and certified by US and EU security labs, will add the most advanced method of protection for embedded systems.

Intrinsic-ID's SRAM PUF-based solution includes:

  • Flexible key provisioning and hardware-based key storage
  • Hardware fingerprinting for authentication and identification
  • Device cloning prevention
  • Hardware to software binding to protect IP
  • Protection of sensitive data from malware

The Intrinsic-ID library will be integrated with crypto libraries to enable a seamless use by application developers. Additionally, key provisioning and signing tools will be available for customer to support the manufacturing of the devices.

Intrinsic-ID's technology creates unique IDs and keys to authenticate chips, data, devices and systems. Since a unique ID can be extracted easily from SRAM with Intrinsic-ID's technology, adding authentication and key provisioning is much less expensive than with current methods; no additional hardware is needed. Due to the low cost of implementing SRAM PUF and the critical need for security, Intrinsic-ID's authentication technology is offered to address the needs of the fast-growing IoT market.


Wind River: