IoT partnership yields complete device-to-cloud platform for enterprise

April 20, 2016 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
LPRS (Low Power Radio Solutions Ltd) has joined forces with SPICA Technologies (Birmingham, UK) to roll out a Device to Cloud platform, enabling LPRS to offer customers a complete end-to-end system for those looking to implement smarter strategies as the world advances deeper into the age of connectivity, data and the IoT (Internet of Things).

SPICA Technologies is a specialist “connected technology” provider offering rapid, secure and innovative end-to-end IoT solutions. They work with a number of chip technologies and device manufacturers to add instrumentation capabilities to a variety of real world objects. Together, LPRS and SPICA Technologies will help clients to identify areas within their organization that would benefit most from connected technology and rapidly build, test, refine and deploy customised connected device solutions that address all commercial demands and operational needs.

LPRS have always been at the forefront of technological advances in their field and were one of the first RF specialists to supply an intelligent wireless solution in a modular format with the "easyRadio” range of sub-1-GHz RF modules. This partnership ensures that LPRS continue to offer the best products, services and support that has come to be expected of them.

Nick Pummell, newly appointed MD at LPRS said in a statement, “For many years, LPRS’ easyRadio modules have been simplifying the process of designing-in RF Integrated Circuits to end devices for customers worldwide. LPRS will carry the easyRadio ethos to make the cloud based application and server infrastructure easy to access, develop, deploy and scale, and partnering with SPICA allows us to do this. SPICA Technologies’ experience of helping customers to connect devices to the cloud, coupled with their superb DevicePoint back office system, means that we can offer customers a true “Device to Cloud” solution.”