IoT platform eases makers' entry to machine learning

November 17, 2017 // By Julien Happich
On its Kickstarter page, startup Bolt IoT (with offices both in the US and India) promises a fully integrated IoT platform that lets you run machine learning algorithms on the data you collect from your sensors.

Launched early November, the Kickstarter campaign is already funded more than 250% its initial funding goal of $10,000 USD. Key Bolt IoT platform ingredients include a WiFi module to connect your IoT projects, a lifetime cloud access to collect the data and Mobile Apps, and APIs to remotely control your appliances or to manage all your devices on the go, and the services for notification, visualization or machine learning (such as future data prediction and anomaly detection for appliance monitoring).

In its simplest offering, the Bolt IoT platform went up for grab at only 9 US dollars, but plenty of other packages are available, completing the bare connectivity and cloud-based tools with plenty of sensors, LEDs, analog components and actuators of all sorts together with additional breadboards and connecting wires. There is even an Arduino adaptor kit.

With this platform, the startup claims makers can build projects ten times faster than starting from scratch with other kits while reducing code complexity to about 80% thanks to inbuilt tools and functions. An interesting feature for the makers out there is that once their board is deployed in the field, they can remotely configure the pins on the Bolt WiFi module to adapt to hardware setup changes (for example if the end user adds more sensors or actuators), so you can make the most of any additional data sources. Configuration is done through a GUI-based pin selector on the Bolt IoT platform's dashboard.

Check out the Bolt IoT Kickstarter campaign .

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