IQE and imec demonstrate 650V GaN-on-Si power diodes on 200 mm wafers

May 17, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
Belgian nanoelectronics research centre imec has entered a strategic partnership on GaN-on-Si (Gallium Nitride-on-Silicon) technology with IQE, specialist in designing and manufacturing advanced semiconductor wafer products and services. Their collaboration aims at improving both key performance parameters and the economics of producing high-votage GaN devices.

GaN technology offers faster switching-power devices with higher breakdown voltage and lower on-resistance than silicon; the partnership builds on promising results achieved in a recent project, in which imec and IQE collaborated to fabricate GaN power diodes using imec’s proprietary diode architecture and IQE’s high voltage epiwafers. [GaN devices are commonly fabricated in an epitaxial layer of crystalline gallium nitride, grown on a supporting substrate, usually silicon. A critical part of the IP leading to successful GaN devices is associated with producing high-quality and stable GaN material in this way.]

IQE has joined imec’s GaN-on-Si Industrial Affiliation Program that offers joint research and development on GaN-on-Si 200mm epitaxy and enhancement mode device technology to a variety of companies including IDMs, equipment and material suppliers, fabless design houses and packaging companies. The programme includes research on novel substrates to improve the quality of epitaxial layers, new isolation modules to enhance integration levels, and advanced vertical device development. As a GaN-on-Si Program partner, IQE gains access to next-generation epitaxy, devices and power electronics processes, including imec’s complete 200mm CMOS-compatible GaN process line.