ISI Establishes Near Sensor Computing Business Unit

May 16, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Interconnect Systems has established a new business unit for Near Sensor Computing, blending its advanced packaging expertise with FPGA system design to develop and manufacture miniaturized solutions.

Such solutions are targeted at a wide range of applications, including medical imaging, night vision, industrial inspection, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), helmet cameras, and surveillance. Latest generation FPGAs provide small, low-cost engines that are ideal for sensor processing applications. ISI’s Near Sensor Computing modules move the processor closer to the sensor, decreasing size, cost, latencies, bandwidth requirements, and power consumption across the entire system. These modules are configured to order with processor, memory, and I/O resources tailored to each customer’s specific requirements.

Current Near Sensor Computing systems in production are the NSC-625 and the NSC-2200. The NSC-625 is a 25x25mm form factor, while the NSC-2200 holds a 40x60mm footprint. Both use a miniaturized processor, memory, and I/O modules delivered pre-configured to the specific requirements of the customer’s near sensor computing application. These FPGA systems perform real-time image enhancement, sensor fusion, and object/event recognition for any analog or digital sensor including 4xHD IR and visible-spectrum video. Output options include 1/10 GigE and GigE Vision, LVDS, Camera Link, Aurora, RS-232, programmable pins, and custom formats.

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