iWaste of time

September 10, 2014 // By Julien Happich
There has been so much anticipation about an iWatch release, something that would revolutionize wearables the Apple way, only to see the Californian firm launch a smartphone-satellite watch missing the brand's iconic "i" pre-fix (from a geek's perspective, without an “i” attached to it, is it an Apple product?).

The Apple Watch as they call it requires an iPhone for WiFi connectivity and GPS data, so it is clearly to be sold as a satellite to Apple’s own products, unlike Samsung’s bulkier Galaxy Gear 2 smart watch or many other Android-compatible connected watches such as the LG G Watch, the Moto 360, or the cheaper and less power-hungry Pebble (with a bi-stable e-Ink display instead of the light-emitting LCDs or OLEDs).

Regardless of its sleek design, at US$349 the watch is not precisely cheap for a peripheral that'll need charging every night at best for if you wish to rely on the time it indicates (Apple remained elusive on battery life).

Considering that all of today’s smartwatches require you to have a smartphone nearby (with a clock on it), they only act as secondary displays which need to be recharged about a thousand time more often than today’s regular battery-operated watches or infinitely more than automatic movement watches that are wound by the wearer’s motion.