KOE takes out dead pixels with bright failure mode

January 11, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Industrial LCD manufacturer KOE has launched what it calls Zero Dot Defect Rugged+ display modules which come with an improved cosmetic specification defining that zero bright dot defects should be found on the panel.

All TFT LCD displays are manufactured and supplied to a pre-defined Cosmetic specification. The cosmetic specification of a TFT display defines and specifies the number of allowable dot (pixel) failures - typically up to a maximum of 4 bright dot defects, and where they are situated on the active display area.

Pixels can be classified as 'dead' in one of two ways: 1. dead and bright i.e. a bright red, green or blue dot and 2. dead and dark i.e. a black dot. Naturally, dot defects (dead pixels) are not desirable. Display modules with dot defects are particularly undesirable if the dead pixels are in the central part of the viewable display area and easily observed. The enhanced cosmetic specification of KOE's Rugged+ displays defines zero bright dot defects. The displays feature IPS technology for excellent colour saturation, deep black levels and viewing angles of up to 170° degrees in all directions (left/right, up/down).

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