Laser driver enables new generation of high-res head-up displays

May 31, 2016 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
The next generation of automotive head-up displays will offer HD resolution, and it will catapult the information projected to the windscreen into the area of augmented reality. For such data-rich, high-resolution displays, a new generation of laser sources along with the associated electronic environment will be needed. Intersil is now introducing a laser diode driver IC dedicated to such applications. Despite the high current it can switch, the ISL78365 has a very small footprint.

To project HD color images to the windscreen, the ISL78365 is pulsing four high-power laser sources with up to 750 mA, almost twice as high as competing solutions. The high current and fast switching speed of the new Intersil IC enable head-up displays (HUDs) with high resolution, color intensity and, certainly the most important of all, high frame rate.

ISL78365 MEMS Scanning System diagram


Laser HUDs are displaying critical information – navigation, speed, speed limits, and warning messages directly into the driver’s field of sight. The new generation of augmented reality laser HUDs boasts almost no latency and a wide field of sight. In comparison with the current generation, they offer more real-time information – for instance, they overlay turning lane and distance, virtually painting directional arrows on the road ahead and thus facilitates navigation.