Latest 400G test platform showcased at OFC 2016

March 10, 2016 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Teledyne LeCroy, Anritsu Company, Coherent Solutions Ltd., and Oclaro, Inc., have announced a joint effort to demonstrate the highest performance single-carrier 16QAM signal generation and analysis capabilities available at 56 Gbaud. The demonstration of the latest optical communications test equipment platform from the partners takes place at OFC 2016 in Anaheim, CA, USA.

The platform incorporates the highest-performance equipment available for generating, transmitting, receiving and analyzing coherent optical signals at 400G rates. Anritsu's MP1800A Signal Quality Analyzer and G0361A high-speed DAC generate the high-quality 56 Gbaud, PAM4 RF signal (112 Gbps). Coherent Solutions' IQTransmitter then uses Oclaro's latest 40 GHz LiNbO3 modulator to turn these PAM4 RF signals into an optical 16QAM signal.

New modulation-format-independent Automatic Bias Control (ABC) technology, also from Coherent Solutions, automatically optimizes and stabilizes the signal. Teledyne LeCroy's 65-GHz LabMaster 10-65Zi-A high-bandwidth real-time oscilloscope combines with the 70 GHz IQS70 coherent optical receiver and Optical-LinQ integrated OMA software to accurately characterize the modulated optical signal.

"Being able to generate a high-quality 16QAM signal at rates as high as 56 GBaud using commercially available instruments is a major milestone in the pathway to single-carrier 400G. It is also a great way to showcase the latest products in the coherent communications ecosystem," said Andy Stevens, CEO of Coherent Solutions.

Teledyne LeCroy, Coherent Solutions, Anritsu and Oclaro showcase latest 400G test platform at OFC 2016 (Source: Teledyne LeCroy).