Lattice Semiconductor and System General unveil programming support for Lattice MachXO2 PLD family

May 16, 2011 // By Paul Buckley
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation and System General, a leading provider of device programming instruments, have announced that both automated and manual programming systems now fully support the first member of the MachXO2 PLD family, the 1200 LUT LCMXO2-1200.

The collaboration between the two companies ensures that customers using System General programming equipment who are entering the production phase of new electronic systems will incur no development delay or additional NRE costs to support MachXO2 PLDs.

Programmer Options for a Variety of Production Environments System General offers a variety of programming instruments to satisfy a wide range of PLD programming, throughput, performance and environmental requirements. Manual programmers with high speed connectivity via USB provide an affordable and easy to use universal programmer for any Windows PC. Automated programming systems employ multi-piece concurrent operation and pick-and-place technology to achieve hundreds of Units Per Hour (UPH) throughput.

"System General's programming instruments provide rapid support and low cost programming solutions to manufacturers and service providers around the world. By collaborating with System General, Lattice helps ensure customers have mechanical socket adaptors immediately available and that the MachXO2 programming algorithms have achieved certification status," said Gary Kao, Director, System General, Taiwan Headquarters.

Shakeel Peera, Lattice's Director of Silicon and Solutions Marketing, said: "As MachXO2 devices are adopted in applications with high-volume production runs, automated programmer availability is an important consideration for OEMs, contract manufacturers and distribution partners. System General's programming support makes the MachXO2 PLD a low-risk choice throughout the supply chain."

Pricing and Availability MachXO2 LCMXO2-1200 devices are available in both commercial and industrial temperature grade options. These devices are offered in a broad range of low-cost package options, including 100-pin TQFP, 144-pin TQFP and 132-pin csBGA. The 256-pin ftBGA and 25-ball WLCSP will be made available during 2011. Pricing for the LCMXO2-1200ZE/HC TQFP100 is $2.00 in typical production volumes. All device members of the MachXO2 PLD family are expected to be shipping in production by the end of 2011.

System General socket adaptors are available now for 100-pin TQFP, 144-pin TQFP and 132-pin csBGA packages of the MachXO2 family.

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