Layout software eases 3D MID prototype production

October 25, 2016 // By Julien Happich
A manufacturer and service provider for PCB prototyping, Beta LAYOUT has developed a 3D MID CAD program to speed up the prototyping and small-series manufacturing of 3D Mechatronic Interconnect Devices (MIDs).

Circuit carriers of the three-dimensional circuit boards are produced at Beta LAYOUT using 3D printing. This eliminates the need for costly injection moulding dies, as commonly used in series production. After this, the MID components are processed on a special production line using laser direct structuring, and then assembled. These technologies make 3D MID circuit carriers economically feasible even for companies with small production volumes. The 3D MID CAD program will soon be available on the company's website as a free download add-on to the TARGET 3001! PCB POOL version, allowing developers to design and lay out 3D MID components themselves.

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