Leadless logic package is only 0.8x1.35mm

November 15, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Reducing PCB assembly costs and offering all standard logic functions, NXP Semiconductors' latest leadless logic package packs 8-lead logic functions in a 0.8x1.35x0.35mm footprint. The GX 8 (SOT1233) package is especially suitable for mobile, portable and IoT applications.

With the availability of the 8-pin package, most Mini Logic functions are available making it simpler for design and production engineers to respond to market requirements. NXP’s logic devices are used to provide the interface between the different ASICs and with this new introduction, most AXP, AUP and LVC functions are now available in a GX package, addressing designers’ needs for the largest spectrum of standard logic functions in the smallest package possible. Functions in the GX 8 are sampling now and are scheduled to go into mass production later in the fourth quarter 2016.

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