LED-based capacitive touch sensor display in a 15x15x11.0mm footprint

December 02, 2016 // By Julien Happich
VCC has developed a capacitive touch sensor display that provides a more intuitive interface to ease and accelerate user interactions. The LED-based CTH Series capacitive touch sensor display combines graphic interactive control with color identification to make the interface more user-friendly, offering cost savings by eliminating the need for a traditional switch.

The LED display produces a high-optical clarity, and is offered with or without a wide variety of standard graphic overlays and colors. VCC can also develop custom icons to meet most any application requirement. The robust design has no moving parts, improving reliability and increasing the operational life. Featuring a through-hole design, the capacitive touch sensor display is available in one standard size 15x15x11.0mm with an industry standard pitch of 0.100".
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