LED connectors supports larger wire range

January 18, 2017 // By Julien Happich
TE Connectivity's latest generation of CoolSplice wire-to-wire insulation displacement connector (IDC) combines reliability with ease of termination. The wire size range has been extended to enable a splice of larger wires.

The connectors come with a push button design to ease wire termination and the body of the connector is made from a clear material to allow visual inspection of the termination. Gel-filled sealed versions meet an Ingress Protection IPX8 standard, which means they withstand up to two hours under water at a depth of one meter. The splice can be made quickly and easily and requires no special tools. The user inserts the insulated wire into an insulation displacement crimp contact and pushes down the button of the connector with standard pliers. Movement of the wire into the insulation piercing contact can be easily seen through the clear housing sidewall. CoolSplice connectors have two independent buttons that allow users to pre-assemble a single wire and complete the splice later, making it possible to preterminate a wire in the factory and then finish the installation in the field. Applications for CoolSplice connectors include lighting in outdoor sign and building facades, in commercial refrigeration, in displays and cabinets, as well as in HVAC and security and alarm systems.
The new connectors are suitable for splicing solid and stranded wire between 22 AWG and 18 AWG (0.34 mm2 - 0.75 mm2). Standard connectors have green buttons, while sealed connectors have blue buttons. All are rated 3.5–5 A max at 450 V AC/DC. Their compact size enables them to fit through holes as small as 16mm.

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