Light-to-digital sensor integrates optical power meter

September 06, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Mouser Electronics is now stocking the OPT3002 light-to-digital sensor from Texas Instruments.

Improving system performance over standard photodiodes and photoresistors, the fully-integrated OPT3002 delivers the functionality of an optical power meter all within a 2.0×2.0×0.65mm device. Offering a wide spectral bandwidth of 300nm to 1,000nm, flexible and automated light measuring over a 23-bit effective dynamic range, and a simplified software and set-up configuration, this power optical sensor draws as little as 0.8μW at 0.8 SPS on a 1.8V supply. Using the device’s built-in, full-scale setting feature, the OPT3002 can take light measurements from 1.2nW/cm 2 up to 10mW/cm 2 without the need to manually select the full-scale ranges. The OPT3002 captures measurements in either a continuous or single-shot fashion. The optical sensor measures the ambient light and reports the optical power readings directly from its two-wire, I 2C- and SMBus-compatible serial interface.

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