Linux-based IoT microcomputer is only 76x37x18mm

February 03, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Launching what it describes as a ‘virtually anything’ microcomputer, Australian design house SRKH Designs is confident its Virtualette V1 dual stack microcomputer will find plenty of use cases from the maker community.

Measuring only 76x37x18mm, the dual board stack supports Linux/Android operating systems and is deployable "as is", either as an individual controller for a drone or a robot, as M2M nodes in a distributed intelligent security system or as a peer-to-peer, machine-to-machine network in applications such as display information systems in airports or train stations.

The unit will ship with its own optimized Linux-based OS, which can be tuned to suit any distribution from the maker's choice. Weighing only 39g, the Virtualette V1 is powered by an Allwinner A20 SoC, with 8GB of onboard NAND flash, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet, SATA, CAN capability, a real time clock with onboard battery and ‘Wakeup’ function, and several ports including USB, micro SD and multiple IO interfaces.

SRKH Designs aim to raise approximately US$ 22,500 through Kickstarter and if successful, plans future upgraded versions including quad-core and octo-core versions, an add-on FPGA-based development board, a desktop platform, popular video adaptor interfaces and an ‘All in One’ peripheral board designed to embed V1 inside a slimline display case.

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