Low cost autofocus poLight Tlens now available with optimized driver

July 03, 2012 //By Julien Happich
Manufacturer of ultra-low power autofocus actuated lenses poLight and Semtech joined their efforts to deliver the first driver dedicated to the TLens platform, in 0.8x1.6x0.5mm chip scale package.

poLight has developed three different actuated autofocus devices based on a patented technology using its optical MEMS and polymer. This technology is to be integrated in camera modules based on 1/5” to 1/2.5” sensor format, reaching 5MP to 12MP and higher resolutions.

The SX8750 driver, designed for capacitive and piezoelectric actuator, is optimized for poLight TLens' new technology, enabling faster auto-focus, enhanced image quality and a smaller form factor camera module. The SX8750 platform combines high voltage and ultra-fast driver technology with ultra-low current consumption from 3V with no external coil. These unique features combine to drive MEMS based actuators for a larger camera resolution and a true real-time auto-focus, now up to 20x faster than traditional VCM technology, at a fraction of the power consumption. The IC draws less than 5mW averaged in active mode and with 1 uA listen mode current consumption. It features an I2C controlled 10-bit differential DAC for precise focus. For application in mobiles and smart phone camera modules, the chip allows for 1ms settling time with Tlens.

Visit poLight at www.polight.com

Visit Semtech at www.semtech.com