Low-power fingerprint sensor targets mobile devices

November 24, 2011 // By Julien Happich
The U.are.U 5100 fingerprint module is an optical, touch-style fingerprint sensor specifically tailored to fit the unique form-factor, power, usability and durability requirements of mobile devices. It makes high-efficiency, standards-compliant biometrics practical for handheld ID terminals and other devices used in Civil ID applications such as voting, benefits-checking and micro-finance. It draws less than 110mA in scanning mode and around 50mA in idle mode.


The 52x31.4x15.8mm unit enables applications fine-grained control over the operations of the biometric sensor and user-feedback lights, extending the battery life of mobile devices. Its ergonomic blue “landing lights” help guide the user for simple, accurate fingerprint scans; applications can also use red and green status lights built into the sensor itself to provide immediate feedback without the need for a separate display screen. The device is designed to meet and exceed the FIPS 201 Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Image Quality Specification and produces 500dpi and 1000dpi fingerprint images in ANSI and ISO/IEC standard formats, at an 8-bit grayscale resolution. Built for use in demanding environments, the U.are.U 5100 features a hard glass, IP64-rated imaging surface that is sealed against dust and liquids.

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