Low profile target connectors, 2.21mm above the board

March 03, 2017 // By Julien Happich
Mill-Max has released its lowest profile target connectors to date with an above board height of only 2.21mm. Target connectors are used in place of SMT pads on a PCB as the mating surface for spring-loaded pins.

They provide increased durability and are useful in achieving specific distances between boards. The connectors are all surface mount, available in single or double row packages and are offered with flat or concave target faces. Concave face targets provide additional surface area for mating and can aid in centering/alignment of components and/or boards fitted with spring-loaded connectors. Precision-machined pins with an overall length tolerance of +/-0.0381mm help to achieve a co-planarity of 0.13mm or better for connectors up 25.4mm long. Advanced machining techniques are used to ensure no burr protrusion on either the target face or the surface mount termination end.

Combining target connectors with spring-loaded connectors on opposing boards can be a simple and convenient solution for making connections between stacked boards or docking stations and devices.

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